Single-issue, single-core RV32I, RV64I compliant RISC-V CPU

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Product Brief

The RV12 is a highly configurable single-issue, single-core RV32I, RV64I compliant RISC CPU intended for the embedded market. The RV12 is a member of the Roa Logic’s 32/64bit CPU family based on the industry standard RISC-V instruction set

The RV12 implements a Harvard architecture for simultaneous instruction and data memory accesses. It features an optimizing folded 4-stage pipeline, which optimizes overlaps between the execution and memory accesses, thereby reducing stalls and improving efficiency.

Optional features include Branch Prediction, Instruction Cache, Data Cache, and Debug Unit. Parameterised and configurable features include the instruction and data interfaces, the branch-prediction-unit configuration, and the cache size, associativity, and replacement algorithms. Providing the user with trade offs between performance, power, and area to optimize the core for the application

RV12 RISC-V Architecture




The RV12 is compatible with the following RISC-V Foundation specifications:



The following parameters control the feature set of a specific implementation of the RV12:

Parameter Type Default Description
XLEN Integer 32 Datapath width
PC_INIT Address ‘h200 Program Counter Initialisation Vector
PHYS_ADDR_SIZE Integer XLEN Physical Address Size
HAS_USER Integer 0 User Mode Enable
HAS_SUPER Integer 0 Supervisor Mode Enable
HAS_HYPER Integer 0 Hypervisor Mode Enable
HAS_MULDIV Integer 0 “M” Extension Enable
HAS_AMO Integer 0 “A” Extension Enable
HAS_RVC Integer 0 “C” Extension Enable
HAS_BPU Integer 1 Branch Prediction Unit Control Enable
IS_RV32E Integer 0 RV32E Base Integer Instruction Set Enable
MULT_LATENCY Integer 0 Hardware Multiplier Latency (if “M” Extension enabled)
BP_LOCAL_BITS Integer 10 Number of local predictor bits
BP_GLOBAL_BITS Integer 2 Number of global predictor bits
HARTID Integer 0 Hart Identifier
ICACHE_SIZE Integer 16 Instruction Cache size in Kbytes
ICACHE_BLOCK_SIZE Integer 32 Instruction Cache block length in bytes
ICACHE_WAYS Integer 2 Instruction Cache associativity
ICACHE_REPLACE_ALG Integer 0 Instruction Cache replacement algorithm
DCACHE_SIZE Integer 16 Data Cache size in Kbytes
DCACHE_BLOCK_SIZE Integer 32 Data Cache block length in bytes
DCACHE_WAYS Integer 2 Data Cache associativity


Released under the RoaLogic Non-Commercial License


Requires the Roa Logic Memories IPs and AHB3Lite Package. These are included as submodules.

After cloning the RV12 git repository, perform a ‘git submodule init’ to download the submodules.